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For $350 a month, MANVEN brings you:

• Access to An Executive-Level consultant
• One-on-one consultation for you and your team
• Participation in company team meetings
• Growth and scalability strategy
• Contractor vetting support
• Budgeting and investment guidance
• Thorough business, product and market assessments



Meet Your Consultant - Daniel Mansour

Hi, I'm Daniel. With nearly two decades of experience under my belt, I've navigated brands through the ever-evolving landscapes of marketing and technology. At MANVEN, I bring you the insights of an executive-level marketer, without the heavyweight cost.

Career Experience

Why Brands Get It Wrong

In my journey with MANVEN, dissecting why brands falter has been at the heart of my mission. It’s all about guiding choices, steering them closer to the pivotal ‘yes’ moment with your product.

Every touchpoint matters. Boring marketing doesn’t stand a chance. I identify critical touchpoints beyond advertising where customers often slip away.

Below the surface of marketing, deeper, often overlooked dynamics play out, here’s where I cast the spotlight:

Missing The Bigger Picture

A common oversight? Narrow focus. Many fixate on external metrics like consumer spend or seasonal trends. Yet, true insight often lies inward. It’s the internal dynamics, the cohesion of your brand’s narrative and values, that often dictate success far more than external consumer behaviors.

The Touchpoint Disconnect

Every interaction, from billboards to tweets, holds potential. Yet, many brands miss marking these moments with the significance they deserve, crafting them in isolation rather than as cohesive parts of a unified brand journey. This disjointed approach leaves potential connections unmade, memories unformed.

Reality vs. Expectation

Understanding your market stance is crucial. Is your offering a staple or a luxury? How do you stack up against competitors, and how does your budget compare to industry averages? These insights pivot your strategy. A non-essential product, a below-average budget, or a value indistinguishable from others necessitates a razor-sharp strategy tailored for distinction.


Terribly Effective

The proof is in the pudding (or in this case, numbers and satisfied clients).

ROI With Effective Ads
0.1 %

A benchmark from the most successful project with our client, EMV.


Casa Mate Organic Tequila won a SIP Award for Best Product Design 2021.

Increase in Client Revenue
200 %

A benchmark from the most successful project with our client, EMV.

NEW: Embracing AI

At MANVEN, we leverage AI to redefine engagement and precision in strategy. Explore the impact of AI on your marketing efforts and unlock new potentials.


What Clients Say

Working with Daniel was positive and educational. His marketing skills enhanced our brand and broadened our customer base effectively. With his innovative approach to budgeting and detailed strategies, our marketing needs were expertly handled. Highly recommend for all branding and marketing projects.

Christine Cliver
VP Marketing & Product Development

As General Manager of Urban Colony Furniture, I worked closely with Daniel Mansour for 3 years. His expertise significantly energized our brand, increasing sales and enhancing recognition. Extremely pleased with the results and our business relationship, I highly recommend his service.

Terry Hancock
General Manager
Urban Colony & Black Label Home

Working with Daniel at MANVEN was delightful and stress-free. They exceeded our expectations with our website, were communicative, and streamlined the process. Exceptional service and amiable team. Highly recommend for website and marketing needs!

Bryan Hemphill
Media Relations



Remember when marketing was just billboards and newspaper ads?

Neither does Gen Z.

Future Marketing: Embracing AI & Other Tech

are typically engaged by a consumer on their path to purchase, with 80% favoring a hybrid buying journey that integrates both offline and online channels.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Working With MANVEN

    Hiring a consultant brings a fresh perspective, specialized expertise, and deep industry knowledge to your business. I can help identify areas of inefficiency, offer innovative solutions, and implement strategies that are aligned with your goals but might be outside your current expertise. This leads to enhanced performance, reduced costs, and improved competitiveness without the long-term commitment of hiring a full-time executive.

    You gain access to expert advice and market insights without the overhead associated with a full-time employee. This means no long-term salary commitments, benefits, or additional office space costs. Instead, you invest in targeted expertise only when you need it, directly aligning spending with business outcomes. This approach not only saves money but also accelerates the implementation of growth strategies, maximizes ROI, and reduces cost per acquisition effectively.

    The $350 monthly fee is calculated to provide substantial value without the high costs associated with traditional consultancy services. There is no catch. This pricing model is designed to be transparent and accessible, particularly for small to medium-sized businesses that need expert guidance without the financial strain. It covers ongoing strategic advice, including monthly meetings, performance reviews, and actionable recommendations. This approach ensures that you continuously receive expert insight to refine your marketing strategies and enhance business growth, all at a predictable cost.

    Your satisfaction is paramount. If you're not satisfied with the consultancy service, you can cancel your subscription at any time—no strings attached. The goal is to provide you with value that far exceeds your investment, but you retain complete control over your commitment. This flexibility is designed to ensure that the services you receive are always aligned with your needs and expectations, providing peace of mind and fostering a trust-based relationship.

    Working with a consultant involves a structured yet flexible approach to enhance your daily operations. Here's what a typical week might look like:

    - Monday Morning Brief: A quick strategy session to discuss the week's goals, review ongoing projects, and adjust strategies as needed. This ensures everyone is on the same page and focused on the week’s priorities.

    - Mid-week Check-ins: Participation in key team meetings to provide insights, help vet third-party services, and ensure that marketing strategies align with overall business objectives. During these sessions, we can also discuss potential hires or contractor engagements, ensuring you make informed decisions.

    - Friday Wrap-up: A detailed review meeting to assess the week’s progress. We’ll analyze metrics from ongoing campaigns, discuss challenges, and plan for the upcoming week. This is also a time to provide feedback on any third-party services or contractors involved.

    Throughout the week, I'm available for ad-hoc advice, helping to troubleshoot issues or provide quick guidance on urgent matters. My role is to seamlessly integrate into your team, supporting and enhancing your operations without being intrusive. This structured approach ensures that every aspect of your marketing and operational strategy is continually optimized for performance and growth.

    Determining if you need a consultant boils down to assessing your current challenges and goals. Here are a few signs that partnering with a consultant like me might be beneficial:

    - You're seeing stagnant growth or are unsure how to scale effectively.

    - Marketing efforts aren’t translating into results, and you're struggling to pinpoint why.

    - Decision-making feels overwhelming due to the vast options and strategies available.

    - You need to optimize your budget but aren’t sure where to allocate funds for maximum impact.

    - Navigating new technology or market trends seems daunting without expert guidance.

    - You're considering hiring or contracting but want to ensure your choices align perfectly with your business needs.

    If these resonate with you, then yes, this consultancy can provide the strategic support and expert insight you need to overcome these hurdles and achieve tangible results.

    AI + Tech


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