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Why MANVEN Marketing Consultancy by Daniel Mansour?

MANVEN offers unparalleled marketing consultancy, blending seasoned executive insights with strategic growth planning. Under Daniel Mansour's guidance, you receive in-depth critiques and enhancements for your marketing and branding, expert contractor vetting, and robust budgeting and investment advice.

Our comprehensive business and market review, coupled with incisive product development insights and opportunity segmentation, ensures your brand's scalability and success.

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Guided by Daniel Mansour's expert insights, MANVEN's consultancy transforms your marketing strategy, from comprehensive reviews to actionable growth plans, all under one tailored consultancy package. Dive into a partnership that drives your brand forward.

Tailored by Experts for Market Leaders

Led by Daniel Mansour, we've been in your shoes, understanding firsthand the challenges and opportunities businesses face today. MANVEN Marketing Consultancy infuses your strategy with executive insight, including meeting participation, scalable growth plans, and deep dives into marketing and branding.

We support with contractor vetting, investment guidance, comprehensive market analysis, product development strategies, and segmentation to ensure your business not only competes but leads.


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With MANVEN, Daniel Mansour brings you personalized marketing consultancy from day one. This includes live participation in strategy meetings, in-depth marketing and branding critiques, and strategic growth planning, all backed by years of executive experience.

Looking for expert guidance? Whether it's budgeting advice, contractor vetting, product development insights, or a comprehensive market review, Daniel’s deep understanding of market segmentation and scalability strategies ensures your business's competitive edge.

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I want you to feel confident in your decision to contact us. Here are the three promises.

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Let's have a conversation and discuss ideas. Our first session is absolutely free. Any suggestions we provide is yours to take away. And there are no obligations to continue.

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Schedule time to speak with me on the phone or in person. I'm available to support and help guide your business through big decisions or complex projects.

No Long-Term Commitments

I'm here for a month or for the long haul. I work on a month-to-month basis. No long-term contracts, no cancellation fees.

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