20 Steps For Better Cost Per Acquisition: Free Playbook

Are you tired of seeing high Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) without understanding why? Wondering how you can maximize your ROI while minimizing your expenses? We’ve got a comprehensive playbook to help guide you through it all. Here is what’s covered:

CHAPTER 1: The Deadly Sin of Neglecting the Consumer Journey

The first mistake many businesses make is neglecting the consumer journey. Let’s explore why this is a cardinal sin in marketing and how understanding your customer’s path can significantly reduce your CPA.

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CHAPTER 2: The Silent Killer – Poor First Impressions

First impressions matter, especially in the fast-paced digital world. Let’s discuss how a subpar initial touchpoint can drastically raise your CPA and how to fix it.

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CHAPTER 3: Consideration Chaos: Where Prospects Get Lost

The battle isn’t won yet once you’ve made a good first impression. Many businesses lose prospects during the consideration phase. Learn how to avoid this pitfall in our playbook.

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CHAPTER 4: Running on Fumes: When Campaigns Don’t Have Enough Fuel To Convert

If your campaigns are not fueled with a well-targeted database and properly structured tests, they will run on fumes. We delve deep into this in our playbook.

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CHAPTER 5: The Devil’s in the Details: Small Errors with Big Consequences

Often, it’s the minor details that can cause your CPA to skyrocket. We’ve dedicated an entire chapter in the playbook to these nuanced but impactful points.

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